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Ricotta Abbasciano

Its name derives from the technological procedures through which the ingredients are processed. In fact ricotta is produced curdling the milk whey proteins – i.e. the liquid part of milk that is left from the manufacturing of other cheeses – at a temperature of about 90°C. In this way the whey is re-cooked.

For the longest time cow milk ricotta has been a very important ingredient in gastronomy, and recently it has gained a foreground position in many diets. Ricotta is very versatile in its uses; it can be used in the preparation of gnocchi and crêpes, for making the stuffing for cannolis, in the cassata alla siciliana, in the pastiera napoletana. After mixing or blending it, it can be formed into a valid substitute of mascarpone in the preparation of tiramisu, making it lighter and less perishable.

Our ricottas do not have any preservatives.

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