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Mozzarella for pizza

Mozzarella for pizza Abbasciano

Our mozzarella for pizzas is the result of the progressive evolution of the classic mozzarella, adapted to the increasing needs of the pizzerias and their request for a product with specific characteristics: easy to cut and to spread onto the pizza, with a specific humidity level and optimal stretchability when melted.
Today we manufacture two different versions of our mozzarella for pizza every day. Both are available in the classic 1.5 kg brick loaf shape or almost custom cut into dices, small dices or shreds, packed in protective atmosphere bags weighing 2.5 kg or 3 kg.
As such, we provide a wide selection of products responding to each customer’s needs fully. We also provide a line of lactose-free mozzarella, available in brick loaves or cuts into dices or shreds, to allow lactose intolerants to enjoy mozzarella
Please also note: the packaging, which is very light in weight, has a very low environmental impact.
To pizza makers who prefer to use the traditional fiordilatte we offer the Gourmet line of mozzarella, available in two sizes: 300 g or 1 kg. These are particularly suited for the stuffing of panzerotti and to be used on Neapolitan ‘pizza verace’.
Finally, we propose our freeze-dried mozzarella, an innovative product that ensures a quality product all over the world with considerable logistics advantages.

Our mozzarella for pizza’s firm structure also makes this product ideal to be used in home recipes such as lasagna, eggplant parmigiana, and sandwiches.

mozzarella per pizza Abbasciano

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