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Caseificio Abbasciano festeggia i cinquant'anni. Quanta strada

Our first Mozzarella production dates back to January of 1957. At that time our tools were still old-fashioned, consisting of wooden troughs and instruments, stone fireplaces. All operations were carried out manually. Great professionalism was necessary in order to obtain prime quality products. No improvisation was permitted.

A lot has been accomplished since then, but always in the respect of tradition. We introduced technological machines that substituted manual labor only in the areas that required repetitive actions, while keeping the preparation of our products as well as all quality checks an activity reserved to expert cheese makers. This characteristic allows us to have “personalized” products which assures the prestige of our products and our company in the market.

Slight differences in the quality of our products are possible, from time to time. It’s about typical ”defects” of handcrafted products, yet at the same time it results in their highest quality.

Giuseppe Abbascianoand family - 1949

We have been at our current location since 1981, which is more adequate to our needs, with leading-edge facilities. This permits us to be absolutely competitive, with prime quality products and the potential to be able to satisfy practically any kind of request. Still the hallmark of our production has voluntarily remained handmade. All products are meticulously taken care of and controlled by expert hands so that they completely correspond to health regulations, in the absolute respect of traditions.

With time our activity has oriented especially toward the production of mozzarella in all its sorts: for pizzas, for home recipesmozzarella cherries for snacks, and brick loaves.

As natural complements our products also include the typical white Scamorzassmoked ProvolasBurratasMascarponeTosella and a complete choice of fresh and smoked Ricottas.

This year we proudly celebrate the 50th anniversary of our company: thanks to the experience

 gained, the passion expressed for our job and the will engrained to always supply our customers with genuine and first quality products, we have become a highly qualified company, known both nationally and internationally. Nowadays our products are in fact appreciated by the local market, but also in other areas of Italy as well as abroad, such as in Germany, Sweden and Japan.

Caseificio Abbasciano: the best tastes on your table since 1957

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