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Pizzette rustiche

Ingredients: flour  230 g. 8 eggs, Pecorino cheese 65 g, sugar 20 g, Abbasciano Scamorza Pugliese-style 175 g, cooked ham 175 g, 1 yolk, Abbasciano Ricotta Nostrana 350 g, pepe nero, Abbasciano Smoked Provola 175 g, butter 20 g, salami ham 65 g, hot chili.

How to make it: Knead the flour with a whole egg, a yolk, the butter and a spoon of sugar, adding some flour if the compound results too wet. Divide the dough in 6 equal parts and lay them flat, keeping a small piece of dough for each part to cover the compound. Put every dough in a small buttered or oiled cake pan. Prepare the stuffing: put the ricotta in a big bowl, add 6 eggs, two at a time, and mix them, adding the ham, the salami, the scamorza and the smoked provola and the minced hot chilli. If the compound is too dry, add a little bit of milk. Pour the compound on top of the dough and cover the, making sure to roll the rims well. Cook in oven (180°C) until the surface gets browner.


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