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A cheese with ancient origins, characteristic of some areas in the Lombard region, whose name derives from mascherpa, which in the Lombard dialect means ricotta or milk cream. Mascarpone comes from the processing of the milk cream and citric acid, used for coagulation. The use of citric acid gives this product a particularly creamy consistency. Furthermore, because the rennet is left out the production process, mascarpone is an ingredient very much used in vegetarian cooking. It ends up being a creamy white straw-colored paste, refined in taste. Recently there has been an increase in the consumption of this typical Italian cheese – which is widely used in pastries and in gourmet cooking –and it is now enjoyed abroad. Mixed with liquor, coffee, cookies, sugar and eggs it forms the base for the preparation of a delicious, sweet cream and it is one of the principal ingredients in tiramisu. Originally, mascarpone was produced only during the cold months, while today it is a product widely found throughout the entire year.

Curiosity: According to another hypothesis, the name “mascarpone” has its origins in a phrase, uttered by a Spanish governor in the 13th century, to whom the first sample of this delicious cream was given. The governor exclaimed, “¡Mas que bueno!” – better than great. From these words, after subsequent modifications and combining them, it became mascarpone.

Available sizes

  • 250 g
  • 500 g
  • 2 kg
mascarpone Abbasciano
mascarpone Abbasciano


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