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Burrate Abbasciano

The Burrata is a product which originates from the early 1900s from the town of Andria - place of origin of the Abbascianos. The traditional Burrata presentation is of long green leaves woven to form a basket around a mozzarella shell, which is filled with a combination of soft shredded mozzarella mixed with cream. This unique production and presentation makes it simply delicious, provided that it is absolutely fresh.

Its distinctive leaves, which originally functioned to keep the product fresh in absence of refrigerators, and have, over the years, been substituted with plastic leaves, often hide the “time injuries”. Therefore, we have unwrapped the original packaging and present this delicious product in a practical and elegant thermally sealed plastic container in a protective atmosphere, which preserves the product for a longer time.

Our product, new only on the outside, is always exquisite because it is handmade daily.

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